About Bobby’s Bike Hike

In the summer of 2002, an Arkansas-bred traveler set down roots in Chicago, IL, hungry to carry on his father’s tradition of offering high-quality city tours. That traveler was Jeremy Lewno, (pronounced LEV-no) and his hunger was the start of Chicago’s #1 tour company: Bobby’s Bike Hike.

After spending much of his early twenties roaming Europe and becoming enchanted by bicycle exploration, strapped-for-cash, twenty-seven-year-old Jeremy opened Bobby’s Bike Hike, a small operation intent on inspiring Chicago visitors with the positive environmental and cultural benefits of bicycle tourism.

The company is named for Jeremy’s late father, Bob, a professional bus tour operator in Little Rock, AR. It was Bob who instilled in his son a love of education through travel, giving back to the community, health for the Earth and body, and the offering of unmatched service. These core values became the driving tenets of the young business, and continue to propel Bobby’s Bike Hike today.

In 2002, the company began by offering unique neighborhood bicycle tours, taking visitors off the beaten path and showing off the beautiful communities of Chicago residents. In 2008, Bobby’s started infusing select bicycle tours with food stops, allowing guests to experience Chicago with all five senses. Always striving to innovate and improve, Bobby’s Bike Hike launched intimate food-sampling walking tours in 2010.

Today, Bobby’s Bike Hike takes pride in offering world-class tours that balance education, safety, and unadulterated fun. We offer a diverse array of food, bicycle, walking, and craft beer tours on a daily basis. The Bobby’s team of expert guides is ready and excited to make any visit to Chicago an unforgettable adventure!