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Exploring Chicago’s Craft Beer Scene on Two Wheels

Chicago is renowned for its dynamic brewery culture, boasting a plethora of craft breweries that offer a wide range of flavors and experiences. What better way to immerse yourself in this flourishing beer community than by pedaling your way from one brewery to another, taking in the sights, sounds, and, most importantly, the delectable [...]

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The Traveler’s Guide to Miami’s Culinary Scene

Explore the unique taste of South Florida with the many cultural flavors of Miami. Miami’s multicultural heritage highlights Latin American, Caribbean, and fusion influences. From the sizzling streets of Little Havana, where the aroma of Cuban coffee and the savory scent of empanadas fill the air, to the elite, Michelin star-studded restaurants tucked in [...]

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Dive into Summer: Your Ultimate Guide to Chicago’s Beaches

With 26 miles of shoreline and 27 unique beaches, Chicago is a true haven for beachgoers of all ages. Whether you're looking for a relaxing day on the beach, in the sun, or an action-packed adventure, we've got you covered with our guide to Chicago’s beaches. From volleyball, to dog beaches, to restaurants, the third coast offers a freshwater alternative to the salty coasts.

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Finding the Right Summer Camp or Program For Your Child

There’s a ton of variety in the kinds of summer camps in Chicago, from arts camps to outdoor adventure camps, to specialized sports camps. This guide provides a few of our recommended Youth Summer Day Camps, how to pick the right one and how to prepare your child and yourself for them.

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Chicago Neighborhood Guide

Are you considering moving to Chicago? Or are you simply the kind of traveler that likes to explore the city through the lens of a local? Either way, welcome to our compressed Chicago neighborhood guide (for the Northside) for our one and only Chi-Town. Chicago is comprised of 77+ neighborhoods that have been woven [...]

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Things To Do in the Loop Chicago

If the neighborhoods of Chicago were a body, the Loop would be the beating heart of the city as its home to the iconic Chicago Theater, the haunted Congress Plaza Hotel, and our number one visited tourist attraction, Millennium Park, with its world famous "Bean”.  The Loop is also the birthplace of the Modern [...]

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Why Cycling is Good for Your Health

Taking proactive steps to be healthy is a cornerstone of good wellbeing. Getting regular exercise is a strong component of physical, mental, and emotional health and riding a bike is one of the best ways to help achieve all these. While regular exercise should not be considered a catch-all solution to physical and emotional [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Biking In Chicago

Biking In Chicago  Whether seeing a city for the first time or the hundredth time, cycling can offer a fresh perspective that leaves the rider with a unique view of their city. Chicago has an abundance of ways to move about the city, but none match the perfect blend of convenience, fun, and efficiency [...]

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Chicago Lakefront Bike Trail and Bike Rental Guide

Whether you are a Chicago first-timer or a long-timer, the Chicago Lakefront Trail is an integral part of the Chicago experience and one of the reasons this city is regarded as a world-class place to ride a bike. The path itself is little more than a wide concrete slab that traces a route following Lake [...]

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Things To Do Outside in Downtown Chicago

Our favorite thing about Chicago is that it has all the big city, metropolitan amenities while maintaining the outdoor spaciousness of the wide-open outdoors. There is an abundant amount of fun things to do both inside and outside in Chicago! But because it’s easier to maintain social distancing in the great outdoors, we’re sharing our [...]

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