Things to do in Chicago

Dive into Summer: Your Ultimate Guide to Chicago’s Beaches

With 26 miles of shoreline and 27 unique beaches, Chicago is a true haven for beachgoers of all ages. Whether you're looking for a relaxing day on the beach, in the sun, or an action-packed adventure, we've got you covered with our guide to Chicago’s beaches. From volleyball, to dog beaches, to restaurants, the third coast offers a freshwater alternative to the salty coasts.

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Guide to Lake Michigan and Chicago’s Lakefront

The Third Coast is a vibrant landscape of towering Skyscrapers, public parks, and access to the 5th largest lake in the World, Lake Michigan. The Lakefront is Chicago’s greatest accomplishment and home to some of the best activities the city has to offer. No matter if you’re a born and bred Chicagoan or just landing for the weekend, there’s something along Lake Michigan to delight your senses and fill you with awe.

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Outdoor Adventures To Try This Summer In Chicago

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure activities in Chicago, look no further! “City in a Garden” is one of Chicago’s most unique nicknames, and as the name implies, Chicago has one of the most unique and large arrays of green spaces in a modern city.  So, if you’re looking for ways to experience the [...]

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Things To Do and See in Millennium Park

Millennium Park truly is an ode to the City in a Garden. Its very existence pays homage to the men and women who have worked hard to preserve our Lakefront and in doing so, provided Chicago with the infrastructure to offer outdoor spaces to people from all walks of life. With iconic sculptures, picturesque walkways, and vendors for food and drink, Millennium Park has it all. As a bonus you’ll find an activity to tickle your fancy year-round in Chicago’s most famous park.

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Things To Do in Wrigleyville

Take me out to the Ballpark! And then…well what exactly is there to do in Wrigleyville? Chicago has 77 + neighborhoods here in the city.  The “plus” stands for neighborhoods that aren’t technically recognized by city zoning, but everyone knows what they are and where they are.  The most famous of these “plus neighborhoods” [...]

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Things To Do in Chicago’s Chinatown

Tucked away, just below the South Loop off of the Cermak Red Line CTA stop, is one of the city's priceless jewels, Chinatown. Have you considered visiting Chinatown Chicago but aren’t sure where to start? Fear not, fellow travel enthusiast! You have stumbled upon a comprehensive guide to Chicago's Chinatown to enjoy the cultural splendor, tastes, sights and more!

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Things To Do in the Loop Chicago

If the neighborhoods of Chicago were a body, the Loop would be the beating heart of the city as its home to the iconic Chicago Theater, the haunted Congress Plaza Hotel, and our number one visited tourist attraction, Millennium Park, with its world famous "Bean”.  The Loop is also the birthplace of the Modern [...]

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Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities in Chicago

One of the greatest things about having kids is that they encourage you to get out of the house and be a kid yourself! And Chicago certainly delivers when it comes to having things to do outside with kids. So if you’re wondering, “what are some family friendly activities near me?” check out these suggestions to have a rocking good time!

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Exploring Chicago Solo

Chicago’s typical tourism season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, though there is truly no bad time of year to see Chicago (yes, that even includes visiting Chicago in the winter). What time of year is best to visit depends largely on your interests. No matter which sounds more like your idea of a good time, part of what makes solo travel so rewarding is the ability to be flexible and learn a little more about yourself, so don’t be afraid to see how the other half lives while you’re exploring - you may surprise yourself.

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Chicago Date Ideas

There’s an endless amount of date ideas in Chicago, but these dates are easy to plan and aren't as crowded as some other date ideas. These ideas are especially great for active couples looking to get outside and experience Chicago, as well as, people looking for a city adventure that takes them out of their typical neighborhood and day-to-day path.

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