We understand the need to interact with others, whether that’s remotely from home or in person while keeping your social distance. Here’s a list of socially-distanced team building activities for a fun, healthy, and safe experience, and some virtual team building ideas for remote teams. Many of them are rooted in Chicago culture but can be used by remote teams anywhere!


5 (Socially Distanced) In-Person Team Building Ideas for Chicago Teams

  1. Explore Chicago on a Guided Bike Tour with Bobby’s Bike Hike
  2. Wake Up and Smell the Roses at Garfield Park Conservatory
  3. Bike Chicago on a Scavenger Hunt— Bike Rentals May Be Necessary for the Team
  4. Combine Frisbee and Golf for Hilariously Fun Results
  5. Visit the Animals at Lincoln Park Zoo


If your team is ready to come back together and rebuild the team vibe, this list of socially-distanced team bonding activities in Chicago is a good starting place! Use these as spin-offs for your own team building idea, or leave the stress to our local guides who are experienced working with both small and large teams. 


Explore Chicago on a Guided Bike Tour with the Team

Biking is a great way to go on a team-building excursion while staying socially distant. Our Chicago bike tours will get the blood flowing and the team reenergized! We offer a variety of guided bike tours to help you and your staff discover new things about Chicago, some of which include food and booze! You can schedule a private group bike tour for up to 9 people on a Chicago bike tour with Bobby’s Bike Hike.

If bikes aren’t preferred by the team, our Chicago Favorites Walking & Food Tour can also accommodate up to 9 people. These Chicago tours are great options for companies that want to support other local Chicago businesses during a safe and fun team building activity that is more personal than video chat.


Wake Up and Smell the Roses at Garfield Park Conservatory

The Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the most peaceful locations in Chicago. If you’re looking for some socially-distanced team building ideas, stroll around the outdoor gardens before the weather gets too cold. The conservatory also hosts a variety of virtual programming options, like yoga in the conservatory and a virtual tree ID walk. Reservations can be made online.


Bike Chicago on a Scavenger Hunt for Some Healthy Team Building Competition

If you’re looking for less structured team building activities in Chicago while still social distancing, how about renting some bikes and exploring neighborhoods and local attractions? Let your staff enjoy the freedom of the outside air while getting their exercise in. If you want to make it extra fun, we’ll help you turn it into a scavenger hunt! We rent out all varieties of bikes, including traditional and electrical. Reserve your team a variety of Chicago bike rentals from Bobby’s Bike Hike and make your own team-building adventure.

Combine Frisbee and Golf for Hilariously Fun Results

Remember the good old days of college, throwing frisbees out on the quad? Step up your team’s frisbee game with some disc golf! Exactly as it sounds, disc golf involves tossing a frisbee at an elevated bucket in as few strokes as possible. This is an enjoyable activity whether you can aim your frisbee with the precision of a shinobi (not us) or just hurl it like Mr. Bean trying to breakdance. There are a few disc golf courses in Chicago and the Chicagoland suburbs.


Visit the Animals at Lincoln Park Zoo

Without cute videos of animals, we don’t know how we would have survived the multi-month shelter-in-place. Now your team can visit animals in person again, at the free-admission Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago! Around 35 acres in size, there’s plenty of opportunity for social distancing. Note that although admission is free, you do have to reserve a time slot.



5 Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

  1. Initiate a Health Challenge with the Team
  2. Dine Together on a Virtual Pizza Tour
  3. Collaborate on a Communal Puzzle
  4. Identify the Werewolves Among Staff
  5. Share Your Favorite Books and Songs in a Parisian-Style Salon 


If your remote team is not ready to come back together in a socially-distanced setting, don’t let that stop you from getting them together virtually! Virtual team building can be just as fun and authentic as in-person team outings. Clock out early and get everyone together for a few hours of an online, interactive team building activity.


Initiate a Health Challenge

Looking for a fun way to promote self-care to the company? Try a health challenge! This was really popular with the Bobby’s Bike Hike staff and fosters great team building for remote teams. Every week we challenged our Chicago guides to practice a different form of self-care, from meditation and stretching to incorporating more color into their diet. Participating staff created one-minute vlogs to share their experiences with each other. As an added incentive, every vlog can be an entry for a restaurant gift card!

Check out Bobby’s Bike Hike Health Challenge Vlog on Mindfulness

Dine Together on a Virtual Pizza Tour

There’s nothing like a hot slice of deep-dish pizza for lunch! Unfortunately, the whole “together” aspect of dining out is still a little iffy so team lunches may not be the same. That’s why we created a virtual deep-dish pizza tour! This interactive, 100% socially-distanced tour is a great way to enjoy some classic Chicago flavors, learn more about the history of the city, and once again eat communally. Plus, as a virtual tour, it’s never overbooked! Contact us if you’re interested in a virtual food tour of Chicago.

Collaborate on a Communal Puzzle

Another remote team building activity is working on a puzzle together. With free websites like Digital Puzzle, even puzzles have gone virtual! This website lets you create a private room where up to 10 people can work on the puzzle together. If more people want to join, just open another room! People can switch back and forth, pop in as a mini work break, or… you can make this an official competition between teams. Let puzzles be the new water cooler and team-building competition!


Identify the Werewolves Among Staff

Spookify your virtual team building activities during Halloween with a game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Players are secretly assigned to be werewolves or villagers. The villagers win when they determine who amongst them are werewolves. But if they fail… well, the werewolves won’t be going home hungry! This fun game works with 3-21 people, although we prefer it best at around 7 people.


Share Your Favorite Books and Songs in a Parisian-Style Salon 

Everyone has that one book they love to gush about. Give your staff the opportunity to do so through a virtual coffeehouse! Everyone has five minutes to read a book passage out loud, recite a poem, or play their favorite song (a cover or the original recording). In doing so, staff get to share a different side of themselves and walk away with new book and music recommendations!


We hope these team-building suggestions help you find some fun team bonding activities to do with your company. If you’re looking for something more customized or out-of-the-box, we’re happy to help! Contact Bobby’s Bike Hike for Corporate Group Outings in Chicago or Socially-Distanced/Virtual Team Building Activities.