2020 Marks the 10th Anniversary of our Food & Walking Tours

Hindsight is 20-20, and now that year 2020 has arrived, we at Bobby’s Bike Hike can’t resist looking back ten years to the launch of our food and walking tours! But before that, rearrange the numbers in 2020 and you get 2002, the year we launched our first tour: the Lakefront Neighborhoods Bike Tour. With a bunch of bikes and our core values of Travel, Health, Community, and Service, we wanted to help guests experience Chicago’s community firsthand. Why bikes you ask? They’re a heart-healthy, environmentally-friendly way to explore. 

But not everyone can ride a bike. So now, in addition to our eight Chicago bike tours, we offer three different culinary walking tours. Our Chicago Favorites tour samples classic Chicago foods like deep dish pizza, our Chinatown tour explores that neighborhood’s exquisite cuisine and culture, and our Comedy & Craft Beer tour is just as chill and laid back as it sounds. We’re not only the longest-running city bike tour operator in America, we’re also the top-rated bike, food, and walking tour company in all of Chicago. Whether you’re an avid biker, traveling with infants, vegan, or use a wheelchair, you can choose from a multitude of options at Bobby’s Bike Hike and know you’ll be on a top-rated tour that can fit your interests and needs!

A happy tourist grabbing a cheesy slice of pizza on a food tourGroup raising glasses on our Comedy & Craft Beer Tour of Chicago