Coronavirus has caused people to push away from each other. While physical distancing is necessary, it can lead to emotional isolation and a general sense of fear and mistrust. In the office, this hinders teamwork and decreases productivity. As Chicago begins to reopen, it’s more important than ever to build and strengthen your company culture. If staff are returning after a long hiatus, they need to reconnect not just as coworkers but as a community. The same holds true for staff members who continue to telework. Zoom may capture a person’s audio and visual likeness, but the group interactions don’t reflect the in-person patter of real conversation. Over time, this subtle dissonance can have a similarly negative impact on the corporate community. 

We recognize that many traditional corporate team builders are no longer feasible. That’s why we at Bobby’s Bike Hike developed a multitude of healthy and safe staff-bonding ideas that can be tailored to your individual needs. Read below for suggestions about things you can do to boost office morale, foster a community of support, and increase productivity. 

Suggestion 1:  Experience Chicagoland on a Bobby’s Bike Hike Teambuilding Activity

Corporate team building group on a bike tour of Chicago

Outdoor exercise boosts peoples’ moods and strengthens the immune system, which is why a healthy bike ride after work is the best way to strengthen your team. Our corporate team-building content focuses on Chicago stories about strong and inspiring teams throughout history. We focus on positive, uplifting narratives to unify your team and get them rowing in the same direction again. An experience centered around mental and physical health sharpens the confidence your staff needs to perform well in business and in life. Our team building activities are something that your staff will walk away from more united, stronger, and healthier than when they started the experience.  Whether you’re looking for a unique idea to get the team back to the downtown office or if you need us to come to your suburban location, we will customize the program to ensure we promote the values and health measures that you are focused on as a company. We can tailor an experience from one of our existing bike rides or create something completely individualized

Suggestion 2: Rent a bike for fun and for the daily commute

Want a bike experience that’s more DIY? We rent our bikes by the day and half-day. We’re happy to help you chart a course across the best biking trails in Chicago or organize an activity like a city-wide scavenger hunt. 

We also rent bikes by the month. If your staff is nervous about taking public transit, biking to work avoids the crowded CTA, keeping everyone safer and less exposed. Although it sounds counterintuitive, biking to work will help you and your staff feel more energized all day long!

Suggestion 3: Host a workplace competition for a Bobby’s gift certificate

Some of the best cohesion happens not after work but during work. If staff feel encumbered by masks, make these a source of fun with a competition. One suggestion is theming the mask to one’s favorite book, movie, or decade. Encourage staff to debut the masks on a “fashion runway” and post the pictures on social media (with permission). Instead of rewarding the winner with a tired old gift card to some restaurant they’ll never visit, surprise them with a Bobby’s Bike Hike gift certificate! Our small-group Rideabout series is the perfect antidote for families who feel cooped up at home.

Everything we do at Bobbys Bike Hike is centered around our tenants of travel, community, health, and service. We want to provide you with healthy, safe options to build and strengthen your corporate community. If any of the above options sound interesting, or if you have a different idea of how we can help, let us know!