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Since the Summer of 2002, Bobby’s Bike Hike has been carrying on the family tradition of offering high-quality tours; focused on delivering a fun, immersive experience based around food, health and culture.

Bobby’s Bike Hike Miami Tour Company

Welcome to Miami! Bobby’s Bike Hike has been thrilling savvy travelers with its world class bike, walking and food tours since being founded in 2002. Our local, expert guides love showcasing the delicious food, unique neighborhoods, and distinctive culture that makes Miami a world-class city. We believe in health, both for ourselves and the environment, so we focus primarily on bike and walking tour experiences. Many of our tours include food, the universal language that unites people. That’s why our goal is to curate experiences that showcase Miami as the greatest food city in the world.

Our friendly, local tour guides are proud to share our cultural discoveries and culinary knowledge with you. Let us take you on a journey that introduces you to the best of the best, opening up a whole new world just waiting to be explored! We can’t wait to show you Miami!

Our founder, Jeremy, started Bobby’s Bike Hike in Chicago, IL back in 2002 to carry on his father’s tradition of high-quality tours. His focus was on health, both for the person and the environment. Little did he know at the time that those tours would become the #1 outdoor recreation and food tour company in Chicago. Jeremy had spent most of his twenties roaming Europe and became enchanted by bicycle exploration. Twenty-seven and strapped for cash, he opened Bobby’s Bike Hike, intent on inspiring travelers with the environmental & cultural benefits of bicycle tourism. Bobby’s was one of the first city bike tour companies in the country at the time (possibly the 1st, so far we cannot find any older companies then ours). Tours quickly grew and eventually Bobby’s Bike Hike expanded their offerings to bike and food tours and then walking and food tours, becoming one of the world’s first food tour and culinary experiences.

Miami has always been a special place for Bobby’s Bike Hike and in 2022, we started our first Miami walking and food tour in the Wynwood Arts District, and quickly expanded our offerings to Little Havana and South Beach. Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves and really demonstrate our commitment to capturing the traditions, culture and local food and customs of Miami’s unique neighborhoods.

We have been very fortunate to enlist some of the most passionate and talented Miami locals to expertly guide you on our fun, delicious and educational Miami tours! All of our Miami tours were created by Miami locals with decades of Miami living and experience, in accordance with our tried-and-true guidelines, to create the very best and most authentic Miami experience!

As of now, all our Miami tours are walking food tours. With the name “Bobby’s Bike Hike,” and having the distinction of being the longest-running city bike tour company in the U.S., of course we plan to offer our award-winning, multi-neighborhood bike tours in Miami. We expect to add bike tours to our Miami offerings very soon. Stay tuned.





Bobby’s Bike Hike is named for Jeremy’s late father, Bob, a professional bus tour operator, who instilled in his son a love of education through travel, giving back to the community, health for the Earth and body, and the offering of unmatched service. These core values became the driving tenets of Bobby’s Bike Hike.


Bobby’s began by offering unique neighborhood bicycle tours, taking visitors off the beaten path and showing off the beautiful communities of Chicago.


Bobby’s added food stops to select bicycle tours, allowing guests to experience Chicago with all five senses.


Bobby’s Bike Hike launched food-sampling walking tours. Today, Bobby’s Bike Hike takes pride in offering world-class tours that balance education, safety, and unadulterated fun.


Bobby’s Bike Hike brings its talents to Miami, delighting our Miami guests from Day 1.


Today, Bobby’s Bike Hike takes pride in offering world-class tours that balance education, safety, and unadulterated fun in Miami and Chicago. We offer a diverse array of guided bike, walking, and food tours, and will continue to expand our offerings as long as they fall within our four core tenets of Travel, Community, Health and Service.

Bobby’s team of expert guides is excited to make your visit to Miami an unforgettable adventure!

We Have Earned Accolades From Top Tour Industry Names

We have the best tours around Miami you will find, but don’t just take our word for it. Listen to the many people who have gone on our food tours, guided bike tours and city walking tours before. They have voted us:

  • Top 10 Food Tours in USA - USA today
  • Top 20 Food Tours in World - TripAdvisor
  • Award of Distinction, from Viator
  • Top 150 Small Businesses in USA - Yelp/Entrepreneur magazine
  • Best City Tour - Citysearch
  • Mentioned in National Geographic, NBC Today Show, Conde Nest, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Midwest Living, Chicago Tribune

You develop a good reputation like ours by giving people the experience they want, and that’s what you get at Bobby’s Bike Hike. We have even earned notice from Midwest Living, National Geographic and American Airlines magazines, all discerning publications that have written about our tours.

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