Frequently Asked Questions

Miami: Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect on a walking tour of Miami with Bobby’s Bike Hike?

Expect the very best. Our staff takes great pride in being the best in their field. So we do not skimp on any of the details. All of our tours are different and they all go in various directions around Miami. Our staff has spent a lot of time and energy making sure that we bring the very best of Miami to you on our tours. So each route is carefully detailed and every story is crafted to perfection to make sure you come away with the best Miami experience possible. Our walking tours allow for a much more intimate experience with the neighborhoods, foods, and cultures that we visit.

How much walking is involved?

Not more than you can handle! The pace is usually good for everyone.

We’ve rated each tour level so that you can pick the right tour for you. We do stop at various points of interest and attractions, so that you can have a brief rest while our tour guides explain the history of Miami in a way that brings the stories to life. While you want to make sure the distance we cover is suitable for you, remember that we will never be walking continuously for that amount of time. We will have 6-8 stops mixed in along the route for resting periods and to learn about Miami. Please note that with some of our walking tours there are some stairs that we navigate during the tour.

Is the tour appropriate for kids? Seniors?

Our walking and cultural tours have been developed for a wide variety of ages, interests, and skill levels. So you’ll want to pick the tour that is appropriate for you and your group.
Seniors: We rarely hear that seniors have a hard time on our tours as long as they feel comfortable walking. Seniors might want to beware of taking the tour in extreme temperatures.
Kids: Regarding kids on our tours, not every tour is appropriate for younger hikers.

    • We do not recommend our South Beach tour for participants under the ages of 17, due to the fact that we do go into a bar on this particular tour. We do not sit down at the bar. It’s a very brief visit, but parents will have to remain outside with any minors on the tour.
    • On our Little Havana tour, we end the tour at a cigar shop. There is a cigar lounge at the cigar shop, and occasionally there are people smoking there. Those who do not want their children potentially exposed to cigar smoke should depart the tour prior to entry to the cigar shop.
    • On our Wynwood tours, we occasionally stop in craft breweries, but the breweries serve food, so minors are allowed to enter.
    • All that said, we do realize that every child is different, so we do leave it in the hands of the parents to ultimately decide what is ok for their child and what is not. It might be that you just wait outside if a stop is inappropriate for your child. A good rule of thumb to know whether a tour is kid-friendly is to see if we offer kid prices on the tour. If no kid prices, it’s probably not the best suited. Whether to bring your child is ultimately up to your discretion, but please note that ALL CHILDREN need a paid ticket. For food tours, we assume that if your child is below age 3 then they will not be participating in the food tasting portion of the tour or that they might be sharing food with a parent. Therefore, for children below age 3, no ticket is required and there will not be a food portion dedicated to this child. If you’d like food for your child under 3, then please do purchase a ticket in advance. Either way, please indicate when you sign up whether you are bringing a child on the tour so that our tour guide can be prepared.

We do not have stroller rental in Miami at this time. Please ensure that you plan accordingly.
If your child becomes unruly we would just ask that you step away from the group for a bit to calm your child down before returning to the group.

How many people do you take on a tour of Miami?

15 people per tour is the perfect number for most of our walking tours.

What should I wear? What should I bring?

You should wear clothes, of course, but beyond that you’re free to show your expressive nature in what you decide to wear. We recommend you bring small items such as an ID, credit card and cash (to tip the guide), cell phone, and camera.

We suggest tennis shoes and comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that are appropriate for the weather conditions on the day of your tour. In Fall and Winter, you will want to check the forecast to see if you will want to bring a light jacket, sweater or sweatshirt. A light, hooded jacket works well any time of the year, if it is rainy.

Are your tours ADA accessible?

All of our walking tours at the present moment are ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible.

But please note that sometimes our restaurant partners change and we cannot guarantee every restaurant will not include stairs of some sort which might make things difficult. But a majority of our stops should be ADA compliant.

Do you store luggage?

At this time, we do not offer luggage storage. Please ensure that you plan accordingly. Most hotels offer free storage for luggage for guests at check out, by request. We recommend that you ask the hotel staff at the front desk of your hotel to store your luggage until you are done with the tour.

Do you offer water on your tours?

Unfortunately, because our Walking & Food Tours start at various locations around Miami we do not provide you with a bottle of water upon arrival. However, we have arranged water at all of the restaurants we plan to visit on our South Beach and Little Havana tours. Some of the stops on our Wynwood tour do not offer free water. Your guide will inform you about any stops without free water at the start of the tour. Most of our guests are able to stay well-hydrated by drinking enough water at the stops that offer free water on our Wynwood tour.

Will there be breaks for restrooms?

Yes, most of the restaurants we visit will have restrooms to use. We do recommend using the restroom prior to arrival to your tour, however, to expedite the start of the tour.

May I bring my dog on the tour?

Sorry, we do not allow pets on any of our tours. Actually, you can bring a goldfish in a plastic bag. Actually, no, don’t bring the goldfish either.

Do you provide beverages on your food tours?

Yes, we provide water on all of our food tours. All of our Miami tours offer upgrades to VIP adult beverage plans, and offer the option of a 3 drink package and 1 drink package. On our Little Havana tour, a Cuban coffee sample is included on all tours, at no extra cost.

Can you accommodate food allergies or vegetarians on your food tours?

We CAN provide food substitutions for vegetarians on ALL tours. Gluten-free substitutions are available on certain tours. While we try our very best to accommodate food allergies, we cannot guarantee certain avoidance from various food allergies. We would encourage you to ask questions along the way and see if our guide might recommend a substitution.

What restaurants will you visit? How much food is offered?

We serve enough food tastings that for most people lunch/dinner afterwards is not needed. We have toured hundreds of thousands of guests and it’s very rare that anyone walks away hungry!

All food tastings and water are included in the cost of the tour. Additionally, A Cuban coffee sample is included on our Little Havana tour. There are beverage upgrade options that are in addition to the tour ticket price. There are 4-6 delicious food tasting stops on each tour. Each tasting has been chosen by Bobby’s Bike Hike experts based on what we think is the best of the best in the neighborhood.

At the end of the tour, most people are stuffed and lunch/dinner afterwards is not necessary. In addition to feeling full, our goal is to introduce you to some new local favorites, and even old school food items in each neighborhood. Some foods might be familiar, and others might be a new experience for you!

How long and strenuous are the walking tours?

Not more than you can handle! The pace is usually good for everyone. We’ve rated each tour level so that you can pick the right tour for you.

We do stop at various points of interest and attractions, so that you can have a brief rest while our tour guides explain the history of Miami in a way that brings the stories to life. While you want to make sure the distance we cover is suitable for you, remember that we will never be walking continuously for that amount of time. We will have 6-8 stops mixed in along the route for resting periods and to learn about Miami.

Please note that with some of our walking tours there are some stairs that we navigate during the tour.

How do I buy tickets?

Our Miami tour tickets are sold by booking online through our website. RESERVE NOW For private tours, you can purchase tour tickets by emailing

We work with a third party software that handles our online ticket sales, so we can spend more time doing what we do best, creating the best Miami tours available. Tickets can be purchased online or over the phone with a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Checks and Travelers Checks are not accepted.

When do I buy tickets? Is advance purchase required?

We strongly encourage you to purchase tour tickets in advance. We often sell out quickly (especially on the weekends) —Saturdays are the busiest day of the week! You don’t want to get caught at the last minute, so check out our tour schedule and availability. Booking ahead guarantees your space on our tour, plus saves you 10%.


If a tour is sold out can I get on a waiting list?

We do not officially provide a wait list. If a date is sold out, there is always a chance that we will add an additional tour. Please email us at or call us 305-703-3262 and let us know what date you are interested in.

Do you offer discounts for students, seniors, military, travel agents or kids?

We do not offer discounts, however, our online rates are 10% off our in-shop rates. And, of course, we do appreciate our military, seniors, and students and everything they are about. So take advantage of our online discount and reserve as either an adult (Age12+), youth (Ages 4-11), and infant (Ages 0-3). Please note if you’re booking a food tour then the infant rate would not include an extra portion of food.

Are guide gratuities included in the price?

Bobby’s Bike Hike does not include gratuities in the cost of our tours. A standard gratuity for a tour guide in Miami is 18% to 20% of the tour price. If you had a great time, gratuities are accepted by our tour guides. We do not provide ATM’s at any of our locations, so please plan ahead and bring cash with you to tip your guide for a job well done. Our guides may also accept electronic tips via Zelle, Venmo, CashApp and Paypal. Please inquire with your guide regarding which electronic methods they can accept.

Are gift certificates available?

Gift certificates are available for all locations and all Bobby’s Bike Hike guided tours and rentals. And they make a perfect gift for holidays, birthdays or any other occasion!

You can purchase a Gift Certificate through this link. We can ship them to you or to a friend/family member.

What are the requirements for a private guided tour?

There is a standard cost to book a private tour. We can accommodate from 1-300 people. If you book well in advance there is a good chance that we can accommodate your needs.

To inquire about a private tour, please email Our Director of Group Fun will contact you within 24 hours to inform you if the date and time requested is available, and answer any of your questions. If you need immediate answers you can call our main number 305-703-3262.

What types of private groups do you accommodate?

We accommodate all sorts of groups. We have delivered incredible experiences many times over for corporate retreats, team-building trips, bachelor and bachelorette parties, Girl Scout troops, Boy Scouts, school field trips, family reunions, college alumni rides, sorority and fraternity mixers, senior outings, bike clubs, and countless others.

Email us at or give us a call at 305-703-3262 to schedule a Private Group Tour.

What’s the best time to visit Miami and go on a tour?

Everybody has their favorite type of weather, so the best time to visit Miami is a personal choice. Some people love the Miami heat, and some would rather visit when the temperatures are cooler.

Miami Summers are hot, day and night. It does not cool down at night in the Summer here. You will certainly sweat a bit more on our Miami tours in the Spring and Summer, as these are outdoor tours. On the other hand, because we are relatively close to the Equator, it very rarely gets above the mid-90s in the Summer during the day, whereas cities far north of us can experience 100+ degree days.

Spring and Summer tend to be rainier in Miami. Fall and Winter temperatures are more pleasant for the majority of people. Miami is famous for our high humidity.

In Fall and Winter, it cools down significantly at night, and is less humid. Note that Miami tends to be far busier in the cooler months, as our “snowbirds” travel down from the north to escape the constant cold and snow. The months of December through April are peak visitor times in Miami. It is much harder to get reservations at our finer restaurants, and our attractions are busiest in the cooler months.

Note that Miami is always on. We are busy year round. We are slammed from December through April though. Our Miami tours are fun and informative any time of the year, and our guides are so engaging, you may forget the weather all together.

Are tours offered in bad weather?

It’s always a beautiful day at Bobby’s Bike Hike in Miami and we strongly suggest you dress for the weather. We run most of our tours in any type of weather. Since we are fortunate to have mostly pleasant weather year-round, our Miami walking tours are scheduled year-round. In case you do arrive unprepared for rain, we offer complimentary, hooded ponchos.

We will tour in the rain, but will usually cancel a tour if lightning is present at the start of the tour. We keep a close watch on the sky and we may decide to start a tour a little late or might cancel all together.

If the rain gets heavy during our tours, they sometimes go a bit longer than scheduled. We don’t want you to get soaked, so we may slow down the tour at an indoor stop, and wait for the rain to stop or get lighter.

In the rare occurrence that we cancel a tour due to the weather we’ll offer you a substitute tour at a different time or day, or offer a full refund for your missed tour.

What is your cancellation policy?

No need to worry. If there is an unforeseen change in your schedule you can cancel your tour with a 72-hour notice. There is a 10% processing fee for any cancellations. Sorry, we don’t allow for cancellations within 72 hours but we can offer future gift certificates depending on the situation.

Tours are offered year-round in Miami due to our excellent year-round weather. You rarely need more then a light jacket or sweater on our coldest days. Tours do run rain or shine and you should always dress appropriately for the day’s weather conditions. Note that Miami is spread out over many neighborhoods, so when they predict “scattered showers” it probably won’t affect the tour. We provide free ponchos on our bike tours when the weather requires and on walking tours. It’s usually easy to duck inside (or stay inside) for a moment until a shower passes. In the rare event that a tour is canceled due to extreme weather, we will allow you to reschedule your tour (subject to availability) or offer a full refund.

There is a minimum number of people needed for our tours to go out. Although solo customers can always sign up and join our tours, we do require at least three participants for any of our tours to go out. If we do not meet or exceed that number within 2 hours of the tour time you might be contacted and could be asked to either reschedule, be offered a Gift Certificate for a future tour, or cancel altogether (with a full refund).