South Beach Food & Fun Walking Tour

  • 3 Hours11:30am & 4pm Daily
  • Ages from 1+
  • Level: Totally Walkable
  • Length: 1.2 miles

Guided Culinary Tour of Miami’s South Beach

Walk with us where the Atlantic Ocean meets iconic Art Deco architecture, and where culinary delights are served beside Miami’s sunny shores. Bobby’s Bike Hike has a delectable adventure in store for you through the vibrant and eclectic food scene of South Beach, one of the jewels of Miami. Get ready to indulge your taste buds as we guide you on a flavorful journey through this scenic and historic neighborhood boasting the world’s largest collection of Art Deco buildings, Miami’s oldest bar, Gianni Versace’s oceanside mansion, and much more! This walking South Beach food tour is a literal feast for the senses – from authentic, international cuisine, to a pleasant, ocean breeze, to the eye candy that attracts visitors from around the world back to visit this tropical paradise, year after year.

We’ll stroll through the charming streets of South Beach at a leisurely pace, suitable for guests of any age or fitness level, as our knowledgeable guides enlighten you with fascinating stories about the history, architecture, and local culture that make this Miami neighborhood truly unique. Discover hidden gems and local favorites as you visit carefully selected eateries, sampling their signature dishes and savoring the essence of Miami’s food scene.

In an immersive three hours, you’ll enjoy tastes of top South Beach culinary outposts like News Cafe, Gloria Estefan’s Estefan Kitchen Express, Oh! Mexico, Mercato della Pescheria, and more! This guided South Beach food tour includes the history behind these local favorite restaurants and the stories behind their finely-crafted cuisine, as well as an informative walking tour of the neighborhood’s most treasured landmarks, including Gianni Versace’s famous Ocean Drive mansion; nearly century-old Art Deco architectural masterpieces preserved as closely as possible to their original glory; sunny and scenic Ocean Drive, and more!

All food samples are included in the ticket price. You can add a VIP Craft Drink Package to any ticket (ages 21+) so you can sample three of our favorite local, craft alcoholic beverages.

Our walking food tour of Miami’s South Beach is an active, premium adventure along South Beach’s storied streets: an excellent way to catch the best sights and tastes of the area on a tropical afternoon!


South Beach is known for its beaches, foodie scene, a large selection of entertainment venues and Art Deco architecture.

South Beach began to emerge as a jetsetter destination in the late 1980s, known for its expansive beaches, late-night entertainment, top modeling agencies, and A-list celebrities among its residents and regular visitors. Those who have viewed the television series, Miami Vice, or the movie, Scarface, have caught a glimpse of the dark origins of Miami Beach, largely fueled by capital from the South American drug trade, Gianni Versace moved into his iconic mansion on Ocean Drive in 1992, taking the glitz factor up a notch.

South Beach features the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world with many people flocking to marvel at this classic style bedecked in flashy Miami hues. We will visit the perfect selection of these impressive, preserved properties along Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue – 3 parallel streets that mark the borders of South Beach’s entertainment district.

We know you chose a food tour, and we definitely won’t forget to feed you. We definitely want you to savor some of the best bites Miami has to offer, and we’ve done all the grunt work for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy an exciting array of diverse cuisines, aligned with the diversity of our local population (with a little bit of walking, of course). We’ll stop at some of the top local foodie havens that are exceptional, not only for South Beach but for the entire Miami metropolitan area.

You’ll sample a variety of delicious foods, with the perfect mix of traditional and unique dishes, all delightful in their own right. For those who booked the VIP experience, you’ll enjoy some of our finest, local craft beers and cocktails. At the end of the tour, we hope to leave you full of local knowledge, great food and drink, and lingering memories of the amazing experience we had together.

Departure Locations

What’s Included

Guests who are over 21 can add-on the VIP Adult Beverage Package for only $19.99, which includes three 6-9 oz pours of our favorite local Miami brews and cocktails. 

  • Tour prices include all food samples. Craft drink samples can be added for an additional fee.
  • Three craft drinks with the VIP Craft Drink package.
  • Storied history of Miami’s South Beach neighborhood restaurants and landmarks.
  • Additional costs might be incurred for restricted diets or changes to menu items.

What to Bring

  • Please bring an ID
  • Please bring a bottle of water. A few restaurants will serve water, but not all of them. So just in case, we highly recommend bringing a bottle of water.
  • Wear comfortable clothing/shoes

Important Info

The best way to see South Beach is from the streets. Whether you are visiting for the first time or you have lived here your entire life, there are places on our city tour you would probably never find on your own. This tour will give you a unique look at the city from a foodie’s perspective.

Chefs and restaurants often give our guests off-menu samples and specials that restaurant-goers don’t usually get to order. Plus, when you embark on our South Beach Food Tour, you know you’ll be burning calories as you stroll through town — so feel free to load up your plate!

  • Expert guides who keep you engaged and amused while on the tour
  • Outstanding stories about and insights into Miami and the Little Havana culture
  • A chance to stimulate all five senses as you walk around town
  • Accessible to people of any fitness level
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled tour time!
  • Tours run rain or shine!

What to Expect

Take a stroll up one of the most colorful and storied oceanside streets in the world: Ocean Drive.

Ocean Drive was not always the opulent, lively scene it is now. South Beach experienced a renaissance in the late 1980s as this coastal neighborhood transformed from a place full of dilapidated buildings and crime, to a glitzy mecca for artists, models, designers and nightlife impresarios. Dotted with elegant Art Deco architecture in bright, tropical hues, Ocean Drive is custom-made for good times and smiles.

Catch a breeze at an Ocean Drive classic: News Cafe.

Opening in 1988, News Cafe was one of the pivotal institutions in an emerging South Beach. It opened as a sidewalk cafe and newspaper stand on a much quieter Ocean Drive. It was the brainchild of New York restaurateur, Mark Soyka, a friend of visionary New York developer, Tony Goldman. Goldman pioneered the South Beach scene by restoring 18 properties in the historic Art Deco district in 1985. The 1930s Art Deco hotel in which News Cafe is located was recently renamed the Tony Hotel, in honor of Goldman.

Eat where old Havana meets Miami.

Pre-revolutionary Havana, Cuba, was a glamorous place rich with great food, dancing, music and a nightlife fit for the jetsetting crowd. Havana 1957 takes us back to that old Havana with delicious and authentic culinary delights and memorabilia from the heart of Cuba. The spirit of old Havana captures the hearts and taste buds of our Cuban-American neighbors, and visitors alike.

Remembering an icon at Versace Mansion.

Gianni Versace rests amongst the most iconic designers in world history. Many years after his tragic death by shooting on the steps of his Ocean Drive mansion, his legacy lives on as Versace remains one of the most elite, luxury designer brands in the world. We will stop by and marvel at Versace’s former abode where he was known to host lavish parties with A-list celebrities like Madonna in regular attendance.

Arriba, arriba! A taste of Mexico awaits.

Latin Americans make up about 70% of the population in the metropolitan Miami area, so it is no mystery that we have lots of great Latin American cuisine, and who doesn’t love Mexican? Oh! Mexico has graced South Beach with delicious fare from south of the border since 1997. Sure, we’re quite a distance from Tijuana, but that does not mean you can’t have great Mexican food in Miami Beach!

Yes, you can get a great sandwich at 4am in South Beach.

Don’t worry, our tours run at reasonable hours, but South Beach has been known since the late 1980s as a place to dance into the wee hours in our world-renowned clubs and bars (including our oldest bar, Mac’s Club Deuce, open since 1926). In an alley directly across the street from Mac’s stands the original La Sandwicherie, considered by many the best sandwich spot in Miami. With fresh, locally-baked bread delivered four times daily, and hours a night owl can celebrate, you’ll quickly come to understand why La Sandwicherie’s French-inspired fare has stayed strong since 1988.

Admire the world’s largest collection of historic Art Deco architecture.

Art Deco architecture emerged in the early 20th century and peaked in popularity in the 1920s and 30s. It draws inspiration from various sources, including Cubism, Ancient Egypt, and the machine age. South Beach hosts the world’s largest collection of well-preserved Art Deco properties. We’ll stop at several Art Deco classics like The Tides, The Carlyle, The Clevelander and the Cardozo Hotel (owned by none other than Gloria and Emilio Estefan of Miami Sound Machine fame). We’ll occasionally stop at Estefan Express Kitchen at the Cardozo for a tasty, Cuban bite. The rhythm is definitely going to get you on this exciting tour!

Get your just desserts on charming Española Way.

For a taste of Europe in Miami Beach, Española Way is the way! Considered by many to be the most charming street in Florida, this pedestrian walkway was created in 1925 and features sidewalk cafes and classic, Spanish architecture that may feel more Madrid than Miami. We close our tour at the lovely Mercato della Pescheria where you will enjoy a delicious dessert in a vibey atmosphere to set the tone for the rest of your stay with the sweet memories of our time spent together.

The walking food tour will conclude with some suggestions for the rest of your visit and other great places to eat in the Miami area.

Guests who are over 21 can add-on the VIP Craft Drink Package for only $19.99, which includes three 6-9 oz pours of our favorite local Miami brews and cocktails.

Our Partners

News Cafe 

This iconic spot is known to many as the place that started the Ocean Drive scene. It was opened in 1989 by New York restaurateur, Mark Soyka, as a sidewalk cafe and newspaper stand. Soyka was a friend of New York developer, Tony Goldman, who was credited with popularizing South Beach by purchasing and renovating 18 properties in the historic Art Deco district in 1985, including this one. We’ll sample Tony’s Tomato Soup, a fresh roasted tomato soup with basil and a touch of cream, dedicated to the memory of Tony Goldman who never dined at News Cafe without having a cup of this distinctive tomato soup.

Havana 1957

Havana 1957 brings the flavors and feel of Havana in the glory of its pre-revolutionary days. We will sample their delicious, stuffed plantain cups with a variety of fillings (chicken, shredded beef or veggies). Those on our VIP beverage plan will enjoy an authentic mojito, perhaps the most delicious and revered rum-based cocktail of Cuba.

Cafe Americano 

Cafe Americano is a jewel on Ocean Drive in the notable Art Deco property, Hotel Victor, built in the 1930s heyday of the South Beach Art Deco movement. We will always stop to check out Hotel Victor, but will only stop at Cafe Americano for a refreshing mimosa sample when we have guests who purchased the VIP beverage upgrade, which we of course highly recommend.

Estefan Express Kitchen

Owned by Cuban-American celebrities Gloria and Emilio Estefan of Miami Sound Machine fame, who also own the Art Deco Cardozo Hotel in which it is housed, this will be a grab-and-go stop for an out-of-this-world empanada with a delicious dipping sauce. The Estefans entered the hotel and restaurant industries after their music careers, and they do everything with incomparable finesse.

Oh! Mexico

Another Ocean Drive favorite, all will indulge in a fabulous chicken taco at this fabulous Mexican outpost, because, of course, we need to fill you with an assortment of our best, local Latin fare. Our VIP beverage plan guests will enjoy a delicious Margarita. You may feel like you’ve been transported to Baja California, but we assure you this is still Miami Beach, and we’re on the Atlantic Ocean over here!

La Sandwicherie

Opening in 1988, just as South Beach was growing into its own, La Sandwicherie’s humble counter in an alleyway became a standby for locals and late-night revelers from all over, who satisfied their munchies on one of La Sanwicherie’s French-inspired sandwiches on freshly-baked French bread from a local bakery. With their homemade French vinaigrette to add to the flavor overload, their best-of-Miami sandwiches, like the Tropical we’ll sample, stand out amongst the crowd. The Tropical features mango, papaya and pineapple for a sweeter taste of the tropics.

Mercato della Pescheria

We want to leave you with both a full heart and a full stomach. Of course, we need dessert! Our final landing will be on the exotic, pedestrian portion of scenic Española Way, where we will stop at one of its beautiful sidewalk cafes, Mercato della Pescheria to sample their to-die-for Chocolate Ravioli. How could you go wrong with a sweet ending like that?

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